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Cascade Indexing is the place to come for an index that will maximize the value of your book by making its information readily visible and available to your readers. 


As a librarian and educator for 35 years, I had a passion for connecting people and information. Now, I’m eager to connect people and information through indexing.  My years of teaching give me a unique ability with texts related to education at all levels, children and teens, technology, and cultural diversity. My years of being an “official” student coupled with my approach to living as an inquisitive student give me the needed experience to work with a range of texts that extend from linguistics to self-help, psychology to crafts, business to biographies, and beyond.


As the 2016 winner of the Purple Pen Award from the Institute of Certified Indexers, I can assure you that I will deliver a high-quality, effective, and accurate index on time.


Sam Arnold-Boyd


Photo by Sam Arnold-Boyd, taken at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, looking south toward Mt. Jefferson with the Three Sisters and Broken Top in the distance. 


Copyright Sam Arnold-Boyd 2023

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