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Why it is important to have a professionally created index for your book

A professionally created index can help sell your book.


Potential purchasers of a book use the index to check the book's contents.

Librarians and educators consider a book's index to be a critical factor when making purchasing decisions.

Book reviewers consider the book's index when writing their recommendations.

Your peers will check your book's index to evaluate your book's completeness. includes a book's index in its "Look Inside" feature, making it readily available for all to browse.


A professionally created index bridges the chasm that separates your information from your readers.


A poorly constructed index frustrates readers and casts a negative light on your book.

An automated index cannot pick up the nuances of a term or concept, missing inferences and including dead-ends.

An author can be limited in anticipating the searching strategies of readers.


I am ready to create a professional index for your book that will add to its value and maximize access to its information.



Sam Arnold-Boyd

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